Our Constitution was written for We the People, not donors, not corporations, not the Democratic Party, not the Republican Party. 

It was written for you.


We all feel it. There is something terribly wrong with our country. Our government stands idly by as we face ever-growing crises. Politicians and their parties waste time bickering. They refuse to acknowledge that money in politics and political polarization are pulling our country apart. They fail to realize they're part of the problem.

My driving goal in Congress will be to restore democracy and get money out of politics. 

Fixing our democracy starts with fixing our campaign system, which is why I'm running a different kind of campaign. A campaign where you have a say. A campaign with complete transparency. If I win, I'll fight to transform Congress. I'll spend every day working for you, listening to you. And I'll fight so every member of Congress is working for their constituents. It's time to transform Congress. 




Drug prices for 268 prescription drugs increased 130 times faster than inflation from 2014 to 2015. Big pharma spent $2.3 billion on lobbying Congress in the last ten years. 


We need to join the rest of the civilized world in establishing healthcare as a right. We need a system that provides healthcare to every American and puts care above profit.

  • In Congress I will fight for universal healthcare. I support a Medicare for all, single-payer system. Anyone who wants private healthcare should have the right to it, but everyone should be covered and the only way to 100% coverage is through a single-payer system.

  • As someone who lives with a preexisting condition, I know what it's like to live in fear of what could happen if my coverage were taken away. Without the Affordable Care Act I would have been denied coverage after I graduated from college. With a single-payer system this is a nonissue. But until then we need to prevent insurance companies from denying coverage to all of us who live with preexisting conditions. We shouldn't be pushed into "separate but equal" markets and we shouldn't be charged more because of our conditions.

  • Prescription drug costs are out of control. My month's supply of daily medication  would cost $1,000 out of pocket. I wouldn't be able to live safely without my medication. We need to lower prescription drug costs for everyone, especially our seniors living on fixed incomes.


1 in 4 agricultural workers is undocumented. 

In 2016, agricultural businesses made 

$111,206,239 in political donations. 


Both parties agree we need immigration reform, yet Congress stalls. Why? Because financial interests thrive off exploiting cheap labor. We need to address immigration now and I will fight for immediate comprehensive immigration reform.

  • Reform means establishing a legal status for those who have been here peacefully, contributing to the economy.

  • Comprehensive reform means establishing a deadline for implementation and strict enforcement thereafter. We need to address this issue once and for all. 

  • Reform means securing our borders, and an expensive wall isn't going to cut it. We need to work with our partners in Latin America to stem the flow of migrants. 

  • Comprehensive means enforcing ALL laws. That means our deportation laws AND laws that punish companies abusing the system by profiting off of  undocumented migrant workers.


The retail industry employs more people in District 10 than any other industry. In early 2017, the number of distressed retailers reached its highest level since the Great Recession.


By most economic measures our District still hasn't fully recovered from the Great Recession and our unemployment rate is still one of the highest in the nation. Yet our representatives live in an alternate economy: their net wealth has increased since the Great Recession. It's time they snapped out of it.

  • In Congress I'll ask of every bill: Does this help small businesses and the middle class? Does this create jobs in District 10? 

  • I'll work to direct funding to job training, apprentice programs, and small business job creators. 

  • I'll force Congress to address automation, an issue they fail to even acknowledge. We need to start working now to ensure that anyone replaced by machines or machine learning gets the skills they need for better paying jobs. 

  • I'll work to address the silent crisis of retailers. The retail economy is in meltdown and our government is failing to act. 

  • From day one, I'll start work on legislation that invests in clean energy technologies, investments that will require new jobs. 


Tax preparation companies spend millions on lobbying and donations to keep our tax code complicated.


Americans should haven't to hire someone to fill out their taxes. I will work with members of Congress to simplify the tax code so it works for you, not tax filing companies.

  • We need to streamline the tax filing process for the average American. 

  • I will work to close tax loopholes and deductions that only benefit the 1%.

  • I'll fight for tax cuts for the middle class and against tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. 

There are 59,000 structurally deficient bridges in the U.S. Highway 99 has several of them, one right between Ripon and Salida, built in 1948

ARTBA, 2016


Our physical infrastructure is crumbling and weak. I will fight for an infrastructure bill that revitalizes our roads, waterways, public transit, and utilities.

  • We need to build more water storage units to prepare for the next drought. This isn't a luxury, it is a necessity. 

  • It's time to bring our country into the future. Investments in and expansion of our broadband networks and fiber lines will not only give all Americans the Internet access they deserve, it will stimulate our digital economy.

  • Our national infrastructure is not only a disgrace, it is a national security risk. Our outdated electric grids make us vulnerable to cyber attacks.

3% of children tested in the 95350 zip code area had elevated blood lead levels. In the 95351 area 4.6% did.

Reuters, 2016


Climate change is real and it's happening faster than environmental scientists have feared. We need to start preparing now. There's no time to waste.

  • Now that renewable energy is cheaper than traditional energy sources, it's time to stop giving them handouts. We need to start rewarding the innovators, the small businesses, families, and farms that adopt environmentally friendly technologies. 

  • The Central Valley has some of the dirtiest water in the nation I will fight for our water and I will fight to make sure that water is clean. 

  • We also have some of the dirtiest air. I will fight for legislation that rewards the adoption of clean air technologies, especially clean transit. 


Only three states have ended veteran homeless. That is unacceptable. No veteran should go a single night without a home.

Department of Veteran's Affairs


I am proud to be part of a family of service members. The men and women who sacrifice everything to protect us and our freedoms are the best among us. As such, they deserve the best we have to offer.

  • Transitioning back to civilian life should be as smooth as possible for our soldiers. I will work to ensure that all jobs and employments programs passed through Congress take the unique needs of our veterans into consideration. 
  • We need to giving our veteran's the care they deserve. I will fight for the best mental health care possible for our American heroes. They put their lives on the line for us, it's time for us to give them the treatment they need to fight PTSD, addiction/substance abuse, and any other health challenge that may come there way.

Since 1995 productivity has increased 100%. In the same time real median family income has increased less than 25%.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics


The data are undeniable: income inequality has skyrocketed. Economists acknowledge that income inequality hasn't been this bad as since the Gilded Age, leading up to the Great Depression.   Ending income inequality starts with rebuilding the middle class. It's time we realigning the governments goals with yours.

  • Rebuilding the middle class starts with paying a fair wage. We should be proud as Californians to have raised the minimum wage, but we can't expect small businesses to carry the weight. That means drawing back burdensome regulations and costs. Employer-based health insurance systems throw an undue burden on job creators. A single-payer system gives our job creators the capital they need to do what they do best.
  • I wouldn't be where I am today without small family businesses.  Let's stop giving handouts to big business and start helping small business. Let's invest in our economy and give small businesses the upper hand when it comes to our tax system.
  • We need to reaffirm our commitment as Americans to working men and women. That means guaranteeing minimum paid work vacations.

Nearly a quarter of residents in District 10 are high school dropouts. 


Our public education system is a national treasure, but it's long overdue for reform. Our education system needs to be completely transformed to meet the needs of our children and the new economy. 

  • That starts with universal, affordable preschool for all Americans.
  • Our teachers deserve a raise. Great potential teachers are often dissuaded or pulled away because of low. A high teacher salary will attract the best of the best. Studies have shown that learning outcomes are linked to teachers wages, but a raise isn't enough. 
  • Students who start earlier, do better and students who start earlier, end earlier. Most students around the world start and finish at a younger age than Americans. It's time we caught up. 
  • Educational transformation means letting teachers teach. The government shouldn't be getting in-between a student and a teacher. Parents, teachers, and students know what's best for students. That means pulling back burdensome testing requirements.